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The Media Camp program is on hold for 2015.

We are not actively accepting applications at this time but are always looking for great startups we can work with within our businesses. If you are a startup or know of any companies that are in the media and technology space, please feel free to reach out to

We look forward to announcing dates for the next class. Thank you for your continued support.


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Key features of Media Camp include presentations and workshops focused on media technology, formal mentorship from media industry experts, and direct investments including partnerships and vendor relationships. This “graduate accelerator” covers the media business in both depth and breadth with the goal of dramatically accelerating the commercialization of the participants’ products.


Each startup receives $20K in funding with potential for commercial agreements.


This year’s session is in Los Angeles with Warner Bros.


Each startup in each Media Camp is directly matched with two or more executives who assist with commercializing their technologies and products within the Turner and Warner Bros. ecosystems and beyond.

Core Team

A team member from Media Camp is designated to work with each startup. Think of this person as the personal safety net for the startup to make sure that the three months is as successful as possible.


Workshops, intimate whiteboard sessions, networking and facilitated dinners are held every week to expand the knowledge of the startups in all facets of running a media technology business.


Startups are given unbridled access to brands across Time Warner in both 1-1 pitch sessions and group sessions that help the startups deeply understand the problems that the brands see in their businesses.


Turner Broadcasting program is on hold for 2015.

Warner Bros.  applications will open in the Spring.


Now in its third year, Media Camp is comprised of 27 startups we’re proud to call family. Here are a few examples of pilots and commercial deals our startups have secured through their participation in Media Camp.


NBA and Chute

The NBA partnered with Chute to harness the excitement and energy of basketball fans during a game with a live, interactive touch display populated with the photos of the professional athletes and the fans. See it here.


TruTV and Cinemacraft

TruTV used Cinemacraft's videogram technology to show Impractical Jokers fans video clips in their Twitter stream like never before. See it here.


NBA TV and Meograph

Meograph engaged NBA fans to share their "Fan Rewind" and showcase their multimedia mix on NBA Inside Stuff. See it here.


How long has Media Camp been in existence?

  • We launched in March 2012. We were the first media focused technology accelerator in the industry.

What makes the program unique?

  • Brands, mentors and alumni.
  • Behind the curtain access to Time Warner brands.
  • Hand picked executive mentors from the brands that can make commercial deals happen.
  • 27 amazing companies have gone through our program in the last three years. We’re still working with them and they spend time with new companies in the program as well.

How long is the program?

  • The program is three months long.
  • The first three months we work together is only the beginning. We continue to work with all of our alumni past the end of the program for commercial relationships, fund raising, product feedback, PR/conference opportunities, etc.

Do I have to colocate with Media Camp?

  • No. The commitment required is that a founder attend every weekly workshop and dinner.
  • For our brand days we expect you to come in to pitch and learn from the visiting executives from the major brands.
  • We do not provide space in our office, but offer co-working space for the three months.

How much investment and for how much of my company?

  • Each participating company will receive an initial $20,000 investment with no minimum percentage of equity unlike other accelerators. If you have an open note or round we just become another investor.
  • Throughout the program, there is also potential for commercial agreements.

Can I work with media companies other than Time Warner companies?

  • Absolutely. There is no ROFR (rights of first refusal) or limitation on the startup company to only work with us.

What stage should my company be at for Media Camp?

  • We’ve found we can help companies the most who have a shipping product that is ready for accelerated growth into the media marketplace. Generally these are bootstrapped or seed funded companies that are pre-institutional funding.
  • We try our best to get you the traction you need to go raise your first round of VC capital.


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