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Announcing Media Camp Expansion With Warner Bros.

We’re extremely excited to announce the expansion of Media Camp by the inclusion of a new Academy taking place this spring at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles.

Applications are now open, both for the new class as well as the second class to be hosted again in San Francisco and led by Turner. The team is really excited and will be working on both Academies to give our startups the best of both companies insights and connections.

We’d also like to welcome Ethan Applen and Daniel Ornstein from Warner Bros. to the core team. You’ll be seeing and hearing more from them I’m sure in future posts and events.

Here is the press release.

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  • Marlon Mehr on March 5, 2013


    We started Digital Copy in 2006, FOX took exclusivity before we could go to other studios; we’ve serviced 99% of FOX Digital Copy ever since.

    We are now working on some very exciting and ‘disruptive’ UltraViolet initiatives; it’s ‘Startup’ in nature, yet our company is 12 years old.

    Media Camp is of interest to us…

    Best Regards,
    Marlon Mehr – CTO

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