Media Camp


Applicants will be evaluated on:

Product / Service

Business Viability


Market Opportunity


As an accelerator, we offer a unique opportunity to be showcased by some of the most well-known brands in media. Successful Media Camp companies have strong founding teams that have released distinctive products with some early social proof. These products should align with our featured brands to create a significant value proposition for our viewers and/or partners that would result in additional revenues or cost savings.

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Our Business

Turner Broadcasting operates some of the world’s most recognizable international media brands. We bring you Anderson Cooper, Conan O’Brien and the NBA, not to mention episodes of Family Guy, Law & Order and Seinfeld. Heck, we’ve even got Bugs Bunny and The Big Bang Theory. Our content falls under four primary divisions:


CNN and HLN are the primary News brands with large domestic and international television, web and mobile audiences.


Turner Sports delivers NBA, NCAA Final Four, Major League Baseball and the PGA both through televised events and online properties.


Cartoon Network and Boomerang are our award winning Kids brands both televised and through a wealth of online and mobile products. Adult Swim is also part of our offerings for the older kid in all of us.


We entertain a vast audience with our TNT, TBS, truTV and TCM television shows, online and mobile products.

Years ago, Ted Turner founded Turner Broadcasting by using the rise of cable television to create the world’s first “Superstation”, followed by the world’s first 24-hour news channel. With the emergence of new technologies in mobile, social and broadband, the industry is in the midst of even more exciting change. Our mission is to continue spirit of our founder to take risks and find new ways of revolutionizing the way content is created, distributed, and consumed.


The Turner San Francisco team is working with the startup community to help define this next generation of broadcast media. We’re a group of experienced former tech entrepreneurs, execs, and investors who are focused on changing the way you experience and interact with content.
As a media company, we have established focus in certain areas that we believe are critical to the future of our business.


  • Digital Monetization (New Ad Models/Formats, Virtual Goods, etc.)
  • Content Curation & Discovery
  • Second Screen & Smart TV applications that enhance/extend our linear programming
  • New Distribution Models
  • User-Generated Content & Social Engagement Optimization
  • Audience Measurement and Data Analytics
This list should be treated as guidance rather than requirements. Media Camp is a continuous learning process for us as well and we relish meeting transformative companies that illuminate new areas where we need to provide additional focus.

Our Business

Warner Bros. is a global media and entertainment powerhouse that produces and distributes some of the world’s most popular content. Warner Bros. business covers a wide spectrum of consumer offerings:

Theatrical Content

WB had the largest box office share in 2013, with movies including Gravity, Man of Steel, Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, and The Great Gatsby

Television Production

WB is the largest TV production company, producing content globally across a variety of formats. This includes network programming such as The Big Bang Theory, The Following, and The Mentalist, daily shows like Ellen and Bethenny, and syndicated content including Extra, The Bachelor, and TMZ Live.

Video Games

WB has become one of the largest videogame publishers, releasing titles such as Arkham Origins, Mortal Kombat, Scribblenauts, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. WB has also recently put a significant investment in starting a mobile games business based out of San Francisco.


Hanna Barbera, Looney Toons, DC Animation


Licensing across all categories including theme parks

DC Entertainment

Publishing and the portfolio of entertainment products through all Warner channels

Direct to Consumer

CRM and Social platforms, Flixster, UV

Interest Areas


  • Audience measurement across products and platforms (e.g. TV, mobile, web, STBs)
  • Data and consumer intelligence: predictive analytics, recommendation and personalization
  • Short-form video consumption and new monetization opportunities (e.g. splitting up traditional movies and TV episodes into micro-transactional content)
  • Models and systems for expanding digital rights: lending, sharing, and resale of digital products
  • Presentation and facilitation of physical product sales (e.g. merchandise) in a digital setting
  • Mobile games and app development and publishing
  • Content storage and delivery optimization (e.g. compression, CDN, streaming, cloud)
  • Fan empowerment and loyalty: engagement, curation, fans-as-a-retailer and rewards
  • Applications for Los Angeles Media Camp are Closed
Applications will be evaluated by our team with input from our mentors.