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Turner Selects 2013 Class for Media Camp in San Francisco!

This week, a new class of five startups from Boston to Japan joined Turner’s Emerging Technology team in San Francisco to kick off Media Camp’s second year. The competition was even tougher with double the amount applicants from last year, but the startups selected are primed for success within Turner having been vetted by executives across Turner’s brands.


Welcome members of the Turner San Francisco 2013 class!



ChannelMeter is a professional video analytics platform for publishers and brands focused on maximizing and engaging their audiences in online video.


Cinemacraft is an interactive media monetization platform that enables content holders, brands, & publishers to deliver context driven engagement on videos ( & photos (


Meograph is the easiest way to create multimedia stories. Meograph is being used by major media organizations, by hundreds of companies, in thousands of schools, and by tens of thousands of storytellers worldwide.


Plumzi works with animation studios to adapt their television series into a new form of entertainment for touch devices called Active Episodes™. This new format allows viewers to participate in animated television episodes; it’s what TV would look like if it had been invented for tablets and smartphones.


Tomorrowish is a Social Media DVR™ that captures, automatically curates, syncs and replays social media messages about TV shows, advertisements, conferences, movies, political events and more. It lets viewers watch video content anytime with synchronized social media conversations that are always in context and spoiler free, while letting them add to the conversation.


These companies will work one-on-one with digital, television and film executives, participate in a comprehensive curriculum on media-specific topics and get an opportunity to commercialize their innovative technologies to Turner’s entertainment, news, sports and animation networks, as well as across other Time Warner companies.


Launched in 2012 by Turner Broadcasting, the Media Camp initiative expanded early this year to include a camp run by Warner Bros. out of their studios in Burbank. The five Warner Bros. startups are Cinecore, Dealflicks, Kumbuya, Reelhouse and Storytime Studios. The WB demo day will take place on August 1st.


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